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The term freak comes to mind,

when thinking of Emma Mulholland.

But not in a bad way, more like... 
freak of nature
or, freakishly talented.

The young Aussie TAFE graduate's designs are anything but boring and her zany, often very Australiana influenced pieces have always been well and truly eye catching.

AW 2013 looks to be no disappointment on any level, even [almost surprisingly] with wearability.
This year Aliens have invaded, or we're being spirited away on a journey to meet them, or maybe

we've just embarked on an earth shattering acid trip.

In any case, things are looking


If at first glance all you see is a kaleidoscopic wonderland of hyper colour and a light show of the cosmic kind - I wouldn't hold it against you.

However beyond the psychedelic nineties glamour is a smart and edgy, albeit eccentric; totally wearable collection.

You just have to know where to look to see it.

featuring aliens forms and hieroglyphic scribbles
neon colours and metallic finishes 

It even appeals to Kanye
and that guy doesn't like anything

cropped tops and baggy sweaters
a skintight legging vs. an A line hem

Not even the guys miss out
with a range just for them

It's not landed yet
but available soon

check out,

for more, or head to

to shop it like it's hot.

xx Elle




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