London Fashion Week // Latex, Futurism & Wool

Otherwise known as,

London Fashion Week.

As is customary after the shows in each of the big four cities (however never guaranteed, mainly due to my busy lifestyle and okay... laziness) I'm going to share with you my favourite pieces, from my favourite shows, for one of my favourite things, Fall Fashion.

Not necessarily the most popular, nor the best critically received.
Just the ones that give me goosebumps, create a visual feast 

and just generally make my mouth water.

And London never disappoints...

Jean-Pierre Braganza

"Oh, hey Japanese Space Ranger! I love your outfit it's so spacey and Japanese."
You know how sometimes a designer will be describing the concept / inspiration / idea behind their collection and you're just like "Wha!?" what on earth said designer has been smoking lately..?
Well this is not one of this times.
Structured lines, stiff peplums and puffy oversized garments [SPACE] melded with graphic samurai-esque prints and kimono style silks cinched at the waist and flowing to the floor [JAPAN].
Simple really, and it works.

Felder Felder

An honourable mention for the bravery of latex cigarette pants. I genuinely hope these come with a warning on the tag, something along the lines of,

WARNING: Garment not designed to for wear by the normal human body, thus legs any bigger than the average toilet roll SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO WEAR.

and then some kind of disclaimer also would be nice.
But don't get me wrong, I love them and the whole slick, semi-sheer look couldn't be cooler. 
"I'll take a pair in every colour!"

Sister by Sibling

Okay, so I know what I lot of you must be thinking.
But, I don't, care - I LOVE IT!
How could you not love crochet and fur and Cara Delevingne in one gorgeous, soft, cushy little package?
And if you don't get it then I guess you're just not fashionable enough, go back to You-Tubing kittens or something.
(seriously guys, I didn't even show you the best one! see it here)

Julien Macdonald

Vegas Baby!
Mr. Macdonald spent time in Las Vegas last year and this was (in no subtle way) reflected in his collection. Each dress named after a famous Vegas Casino and would fit perfectly any given Saturday night on the Strip.
Glitz, Glamour an Grunge.
Glitzy and Glamorous evening-wear, paired with Grungy "it's 5am and I seem to have lost one of my shoes" hair and makeup.
Not for the faint hearted, but fashion was never meant for them.

Moschino Cheap & Chic

It takes a brave soul to tackle Punk in London, but designer Francesca Rubino prettied it up, added some pink and called it couture... or something like that anyway.
I'm not normally a fan of animal prints or graphic writing on garments - but it's Moschino Cheap & Chic, all sins are not only forgiven but embraced.
Punk goes Pink.

David Koma

I really don't think there was anything not to love about this collection. Apparently an obsession with vinyl records spawned this story; laser cut leather, circular metallic prints and sculptural silhouettes all make for one hell of a crowd pleaser.
More please.

Other than that, Mulberry was a bit boring (with the exception of their coloured leather, something that never fails to excite me). Temperley London was, as usual, safe but gorgeous. Alas, always an avid supporter of House of Holland, the prints just did nothing for me this season. And I won't even mention that TopShop showed - do they not realise they are a high street brand? 
Somebody tell them... please.

xx Elle 



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