Kimbra Takes JaimeLee Grammy Hunting

She looked stun-believable,

Yes that is a made up word, and yes it is the ultimate culmination of stunning AND unbelievable.

Today when the gorgeous, mononymous singer, Kimbra hit the red carpet with Aussie indie sensation, Gotye, they were celebrating a win before things even got started.

Best Pop Duo.

For their worldwide hit - Somebody That I Used To Know. And continuing her support of the Perth-local rising star JaimeLee, whose designs have been winning Kimbra awards in the eyes of fashion critics both on and off the red carpet for over a year now.

The sheer embellished tulle gown dripping in gold and pearls was still undergoing finishing touches right up until the very last moments before the show - but it looks like the hard work definitely paid off for JaimeLee.

And only a very brave fool would accuse the collaborating artists (Kimbra and Lee - not Gotye) of possibly taunting Grammy organisers with their "not too much skin please folks!" edict.
I mean it does seem to be made up of an entirely see-through, form fitting design covering her... modesty, with some well placed decorations.
But hey, with the Grammy's track record I guess that could practically make her a nun, and I'm pretty sure there's a corset hiding itself under there anyway. 
So no scandal here, just pure fashion win!

The songstress picked up her golden kicks from Miu Miu and the hyper-embellished platforms couldn't have worked better for the look if they'd been made for it.

It's so great to see these homegrown girls not only storming the scenes of both the music and fashion worlds but supporting and promoting each other too.

Gotye & Kimbra are also looking set to win the top honour of Song of the Year for 2012 - they should probably also be awarded, Most Overplayed Song and That Frickin' Song I Can't Get Out of My Head, but I'm not too sure if they are actually legitimate categories.

xx Elle




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