The classics always make a comeback,

Bomber Jacket
     (Clothing and Fashion) A short jacket finishing with an       elasticised band, usually with a zip front closure and cuffed    sleeves. 

think US Air Force circa WWI
think Outlaw Bikie Gang
think Grease Lightning
think Miroslava Duma

For Fall 2013 the Bomber Jacket is back and it's here to stay,
whether leather, chiffon, short length or long - there's a bomber for you to get your hands on.

Clockwise from Top Left:
1. Rag & Bone, Cambridge floral and leather bomber
2. Supreme, Navy baseball jacket
3. Givenchy, Printed bomber
4. Shona Joy, Hypnotic Haze bomber
5. Kuccia, Geometric print bomber
6. Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Vintage green bomber
7. Christopher Raeburn, Laminated lace bomber
8. Burberry, Bicolour metallic bomber
9. Isabel Marant, Embroidered bomber

worn by Pernille Teisbæk from Look de Pernille

xx Elle




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