All Stars

That whole galaxy trend,

it feels like it's been around for about a million years now.

And I'm pretty sure I can speak for all of us when I say it's well and truly been done to death - and what a slow, painful, bloody death it was.

But from the ashes of spray painted Lolita's and DIY splattered denim shorts everywhere rises a new trend.
One familiar, yet fresh and easy to wear*.

Star Power

Sure, it's been around the block before but this time it's cleaner, crisper and all grown-up whilst still managing to hint at playful childhood times gone by.

Get all starry-eyed over this trend with,

the staple shirt,

the party dress,

 oversized sweater,

the cute clutch,

the casual pants,

xx Elle

*Unlike it's cousin - galaxy trend, which is really only acceptable on juveniles. And even then... questionable.




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