With Flowers in Their Hair

Well yes it is a bit late,

But have you seen the weather outside lately?
I've been preoccupied with the sun, the sand and fresh air fun!

However last Wednesday I took a break from my hectic tanning schedule to run on down to the opening night of local fashion Picasso and 2012 WAFA Nominee, Pippa McManus', latest and greatest exhibition

With Flowers in Their Hair

Following up on her sell out exhibition "A is for Arizona" earlier this year, "With Flowers in Their Hair" was inspired by London Fashion Week and [obviously] beautiful, statement headpieces.
Flowers - Veils - Jewels - Hats
Pippa's artwork is alluring and ethereal, combining vibrant splashes of colour with delicate charcoal detailing, and creating a finished product which is utterly captivating.

The hardest part is trying to choose just one favourite.
And clearly here I am not alone, arriving early (yes, there is a first for everything) I joined an already large and excitable group of onlookers waiting eagerly outside the huge glass doors and I'm not kidding when I tell you that pretty much every one of the stunning pieces was snapped up before you could even blink an eye.

The beautiful exhibition will be on display at One40William throughout December and is definitely worth a look

To see more of Pippa's work visit her blog,

xx Elle


Bonnie Friday said...

Great photos, it was such a beautiful exhibition!



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