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"Combine well-thought out design, a love of everything quirky and a serious sense of fun and voila - you get the magic madness that is DIAZ", I'm unsure whether I've ever stumbled upon a more apt description written of a label in it's own words before.

The latest collection, Edo Tropica, is probably best described as a fruit salad explosion tripping on the best kind of acid. Tropical prints and vibrant colours just scream out, "wear me!", and I think I just might - ALL SUMMER LONG.
We prodded creative genius, Ana Diaz, the crazy-talented mind behind the label for some insight into DIAZ.

Describe to us the "DIAZ Girl"

"She's a bit quirky, a bit cheeky, and a bit experimental with her outfits; she loves to clash bright colours and wear head to toe print suits."

 "The fun thing about having a business like this is that you also get to know your customers as you grow the brand... I am constantly excited by all the lovely women who buy Diaz and make it their own!"

If you could choose ANYONE to represent your label, who would you choose?

"Solange Knowles (insert heart eyes emoticon) or the character Cam from Modern Family.. he rocks a Hawaiian shirt like no one else"

How do you try to keep your designs fresh, creative and original each season?

"It's a fine line between being aware of what's around and being too influenced by those things... It's difficult, but by knowing my customer and brand really well I am able to edit the collections to make sure they fit the criteria of...'have I seen anything like that before? Would the Diaz girl wear it? Does it have a point of difference?', which ensures it's fresh and original." 

"Creativity is a different story - for me, I let loose the most in my prints and colours... I try to keep the shape the simpler element of the garment because at the end of the day it has to be wearable for my customer. It's a lot of fun to be as creative as possible though with collaborations and campaigns.."

 "It's the right combination of these elements of the brand and business that is the formula for creating something unique... It's not always just about the clothes, but about how the Diaz girl feels when she's interacting with Diaz-land at any level ^_^"

Winter or Summer - which do you prefer designing?

"As soon as I finish designing for Winter I can't wait to do Summer, and vice versa..!! Ultimately though I find Summer so much fun.... I'm from Queensland and live at the beach, so it's definitely my season... even my Winter collections always have a bit of an outdoors feel to them, and I tend to make them Australian Winters which is much like a European summer anyway."

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and if any of you even think about buying the "Diaz Fruitbowl Tee" Imma kill you! It's mine!!

xx Elle


Haley said...

Great photos, so creative.
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