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Pretty basic right?

20 Dresses, Under $200 for the Party Season ahead.
You've got your family gatherings, corporate work do's, parties with friends and general shenanigans. Not to mention Christmas lunches, Boxing Day breakfasts and New Year's festivities.

Whether you need just one or more than a few, we've got 20 well-priced party dresses, just for you!

via TheIconic
Talulah, White Love dress (Lime) - $199.00
Wish, Avenger dress (Dusk) - $179.95
Shona Joy, Cut Out dress (Citrus Cream) - $240.00 $168.00

via The Fashion Bunker
Cameo, TV Eyes dress (Pearl) - $149.95
Cameo, Walk A Mile dress (Maroon) - $169.95
Cameo, Jagged Little Pill dress (Ivory) - $139.95

via ASOS
Warehouse, Bow Print dress (Blue) - $93.50 $71.50
A Wear, Cut Out Back Maxi (Maroon) - $110.50
House of Holland, Pom Pom Tee dress (Floral) - $202.30*

via The Fashion Bunker
Keepsake, All Nighter dress (Cream Gold) - $189.95
Cameo, Nice Guy dress (Charcoal) - $149.95
Finders Keepers, Forever Young dress (Winter Sky) - $139.95

via Beginning Boutique, TheIconic & Esther Boutique
Elliatt, Ursula dress (Lilac) - $74.99
StyleStalker, Liberation Cut Out dress (Mint) - $119.00
Elliatt, Aphrodite dress (White) - $159.00

via theIconic & Jade and Belle
Life With Bird, Panel Shift dress (Night Lines) - $180.00
Keepsake, Up In The Clouds dress (Cloud Print) - $149.95
Story By Tang, Biscuit dress (Midnight) - $240.00 $168.00

via Esther Boutique
Finders Keepers, Restless Farewell dress (Multi) - $149.00
Cameo, Biggest Mistake dress (Berry Cream) - $129.00

If these can't help you, nothing can.

xx Elle

 * Yes, I understand this dress doesn't quite meet the requirements,    but it is absolutely gorgeous and this week has been tough, so cut me some slack.




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