Shoe Couture from a dystopic world,

Anastasia Radevich's, LOST CIVILIZATIONS, collection of shoe meets art is what you might expect if say "The Hunger Games" and Aldo made a baby.
A dark fairytale, played out in platform pumps and extreme wedges, tells a tale in three parts.
Starting in the past with creations perhaps discovered amongst the deep in the sunken ruins of the Titanic or some long lost underwater world...

the Past

A somewhat disturbing reminder of our current reality, reminiscent of the heavy machinery and harsh pollutants taking over from nature as each day passes.
Each shoe is individually handcrafted with painstaking care to achieve the aged look of the pieces and maintain the strength of the structure.
Imposing mechanical designs hint at current environmental issues and even the eventual downfall of our planet

the Present

and what is still to come?

the Future

innovative, mysterious, unique and captivating.

xx Elle


JESS said...

these are all AMAZING!

Elle said...

I know, they're to die for aren't they! Not a single pair I wouldn't kill to have.



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