the HIT list

I did promise I'd try to do a follow up,

So here's take two,
of my current [and your 'soon to be'] favourite things.
Aaaand it's in GIFs - I'm still addicted (it's becoming a problem).


Gucci Spring/Summer 2013 Statement neckpiece - can't say I'd turn up my nose at any of those babies to be honest.

The adult colouring book - hours of entertainment for even the fussiest fashionista.

Loud and [dis]tasteful sweaters. Why wear your heart on your sleeve, when you can show your soul on your sweater?
Yes we pretend to view them as obnoxious ripoffs, but you all secretly want one - I'm just brave [stupid] enough to put it out there.

Sculptural skirts - bold lines, mismatched hems and unexpected silhouettes. Maybe try channeling some Frank Lloyd Wright architecture with your next skirt purchase.

Sexy doesn't have to mean skimpy for Summer 2013, trade your saggy, chlorine soaked trunks for a playful mod inspired suit to bring some 60s screen siren into your world.

I've been feeling lazy

tonight and haven't been bothered writing up any credits/captions for any of these products - comment for details on any particular favourites.

I also extend my sincere apologies to any person with epileptic tendencies who may have been affected/inconvenienced in any way by my recent .GIF addiction, I think I'm on the mend.

xx Elle




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