Run At Me Bro'

Whoever said: "Beauty is Pain"

(and trust me the origin of this quote is a hotly debated subject)
would be rolling in their grave right about now...

Georgina via. Stockholm Streetstyle

I am very rarely speechless.
However, I do believe there is a time and a place for athletic footwear - and this misguided choice very nearly left me without words.
I say nearly, because I did manage to sputter an obscenity or two. Neither of which can be repeated on this blog.

Carrie Mundane via. Street Peeper
And yet another sad example, I mean maybe we should cut her some slack... her last name is Mundane.

But I can just hear Grandmother now,

"Poor lass forgot to remove her science goggles! But what on earth is wrong with her poor legs? My, my such a mess!"
and I exaggerate only minimally.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a time and a place for this kind of athletic themed, sweat evoking, mesh and plastic toting footwear.
I understand you ladies are trying to make some kind of
sartorial statement

but some of you are getting it oh - so - wrong!
Allow me to school you;

Man Repeller AKA Leandra via. Street Peeper
Thank you, Man Repeller!
Yes quirky high tops with cute/statement/space-age shorts do work on pounding the streets of New York.
And your legs are freaking amazing.

Vika Gazinskaya via. Street Peeper
Firstly. Vika your work is ah-mazing! So please don't hurt me for this.
But surely you don't need a Nike sponsorship deal also?
Come on now, we can't have everything.
And you can't have style when it comes to those sneakers with that dress (let's not mention the truckers cap).

Nameless in London, via Street Peeper
You're wearing the world's most awesome green coat as a cape... who am I to judge?
No but really, understated off-white (or are they just dirty?) low-cut cons are yes. Just YES!
You could almost say they even work to elongate her legs as this girl is quite fair and her careless hairstyle just pulls it all together.

Yuki, via. Street Peeper
need I really explain?
No, I don't think so.

Julia Sarr Jamois, via. Street Peeper

I'm sceptical as to whether this look would work without the f@
So yes, with reservations.
If ever in doubt - DROP THE SNEAKER!

I don't want to beat you to death with my opinions,
but you're the one reading.

xx Elle




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