NEWSFLASH: Victoria's Secret Is Out!

These days Victoria's Secret,

could almost be said to be better known for their eye-achingly gorgeous runway models than anything that the brand actually produces.
And their newest recruits are just proof that they won't be bucking that trend anytime soon,

Cara Delevingne & Jourdan Dunn

both ridiculously good looking in their own right, are set to make their debut on the Victoria's Secret Runway in New York later this week.
Both girls have been highly sought after, booked for runway after runway over the last season so this may very well be one of the only [as well as one of the most famous] runways in the world which they are yet to conquer.

they have already worked together, as faces for Burberry, Vogue Brasil editorial partners and in countless parades.

and played together, from Wu-Tang Parties to the Met Gala Ball. Both London girls, born and bred, I can't wait to watch them take on this oh-so-American of stages.

xx Elle




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