I have this bad habit,

But it's not smoking.
I tend to start a "weekly" or "regular" post on here and then, never actually get to even the second instalment.
So, I'm not making any promises and we're going to start with I nice easy one...

Fanciful, the things I like.

I assume it is quite self explanatory?
If not, just follow along and you'll get there eventually

COMME des GARCONS, bright stars pouch 

This sparkly Holiday season creation especially for Parisian boutique collette is the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas 2012 (take notes people!) Available in my personal favourite Multi - reminiscent of a kindergartener's hands after art & craft, and Blue&Silver - for the slightly more mature of us.

Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt
This sweatshirt has been here there and absolutely everywhere over the past season or so - but I still love them and I still want one.
Chanel Surfboards
Whether for interior or exterior use, one of these would make any surfer-dude type a billion times more attractive.
Available from the Chanel boutiques.

photo via. Harper & Harley
The Fairytale dress by Camilla & Marc the perfect thing to wear with... anything.
Even Nike LunarGlides - and you know how I feel about that.

Street Level Colour Block Clutch
A standout clutch is something every girl needs at least one of in her wardrobe (if not 4, 5, 10, etc.), the tangerine and fuchsia are vibrant and unexpected together and perfect to brighten any summer style.

Stay tuned, you never know - there may be more 

xx Elle




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