Had a huge flash sale today!

and I know right now you're probably thinking...

"Why on earth is she telling me this now, when it's too late for me to race down there for some impromptu bargain hunting?" [in a somewhat bitter tone]

But no. Think again, I've actually done you a favour - think of the hectic, hot, sweaty mess that can be the change room in your average flash sale - and realise that I saved you from that.

And then there's all the money I've saved you! 

Oh, wait...
I don't think I really saved you much at all, on account of how cheap everything was!
Don't worry - you can live vicariously through me.

Yeah, so I only got one piece. 
The place had already been pretty raided by the time I got there but I spotted this baby hanging all by it's lonesome on the end of a rack in the very middle of the room. Snatched it up and now we're soul mates.


xx Elle




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