A Day in the Life

I'm not going to lie,

even in styling you get some boring days, and then you get some...
 not boring days.

This was not a boring day.

Meet Dennis Millard, he's a Chadwicks Model and Doctor, and a keen surfer and kitesurfer in his spare time.
I know... I didn't quite believe it either, plus as if all that wasn't enough - he's he's a genuinely funny and charming guy.
Sorry ladies [typically] he's already spoken for.
However, last week we were charged with the task of getting some new shots to update his modelling portfolio. So here's your constellation prize,

[ Money Shot ]

Model: Dennis Millard @ Chadwicks
Photographer: Chantel Concei *
Hair & Makeup: Hendra Widjaja
Stylist: Emily Howlett
Assistant Stylist: Elle Giles

It wasn't all fun and games either, apparently Dennis's had comp card had not quite the accurate measurements we thought it did so when it came time to try on the suit everything almost went into meltdown.
But thanks to the wonderful guys at MJ Bale, Dennis looked totally handsome, and we got our suit look.

How does you day measure up?

xx Elle

* Obviously these are not Chantel's photos - when her photos are published I will update with links to show you the real deal.




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