Triple M for H&M - UNVEILED

Finally after months of torture,

with only tantalising teasers of the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M being released for weeks at a time; we are able to see the collection in it's entirety after this week's unveiling.


Covetable, avant-garde fashion pieces at a fraction of the designer price?

Yes please!

ranging from $13 to $399 the collection is a curated selection from the MMM archives - staple and iconic designs from the past, alongside newly created "fusion" garments that put a fresh spin on original favourites.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Mena Suvari & Helena Christiensen all in MMM for H&M @ the launch party in NY
The collaboration isn't set to drop in stores until November 15 (still a couple of weeks away). However if you want it and you NEED it now... pieces have already popped up all over Ebay. All based in the US this seems to be due to ungrateful fashion warthogs who went to the launch, shopped the pop-up sale preview and then tottered along home to their laptops to rip off the rest of the world and make some fast cash from their purchases (with prices at up to triple what they will be selling for off the racks).

Just saying...

But whatever lets just look at the best of the most talked about designer/high-street collaboration right now.

Trompe L'oeil Bodysuit $40, Oversized Jeans $70, Candy Wrapper Clutch $60 
Fusion of Two Dresses $199
Hitched Up Dress $199, Plexi Wedge Boot $399, Key Ring Necklace $60
Faceless Watch Bracelet $50 
Horizontal Dress $199, Plexi Wedge $299
Candy Wrapper Clutch $60 
Oversized Peacoat $349, Oversized Turtleneck $149, Plexi Wedge $299

the end.

xx Elle


Naturally said...

The clutch is pretty



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