Shopping Wasteland?

Or designer wonderland?

for as long as I can remember King street has been an iconic strip of prime retail real estate in our sprawling, laid-back city of Perth.
Having long been the go-to destination for the wealthy and fashion conscious, the heritage listed street has always offered an interesting mix of international elitist labels

Prada - Louis Vuitton - Bally

amongst evolving local and national designers

Sass & Bide - Zomp - Ruth Tarvydas

but is that soon to be a thing of the past?

Over the last twelve months no less than 5 locally founded stores have had to shut-up and ship-out of King St, due in large part to excessive rental rates along the exclusive strip.

Linneys, Periscope, Subway DC and most recently Ruth Tarvydas, are among the names who have either had to move locations or close-up shop completely.

And it's rumoured around town that Melanie Greensmith is thinking along the same lines, meaning

Wheels & Dollbaby could be next.

So what's taking the place of these beloved local labels?
International powerhouse luxury designer brands of course.
The newest addition (having stomped out Periscope & Linney's) is set to be the one and only, Chanel.
Said to have been scouting for "the right boutique space in Perth for many years" (D Blakely, Chanel AUS & NZ) and has finally settled on the massive 3-storey space at 39-41 King St.

Now, with more and more stores in the precinct closing down, who will be next to move west?
TAB should be taking bets (my fingers are crossed for Miu Miu). 

I'm not saying it's necessarily a horrible thing that these big name brands are coming to town.
I just wonder where our homegrown designers are going to go when they are eventually all muscled out of their current King St abodes?
(actually I have a good theory already - but I'll save that for another time)

Who would you love most to see hitting our shores in the near future?

xx Elle




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