I am a HUGE fan of Instagram,

mostly because I have no idea how to use the gorgeous and eternally confounding olympus camera that my wonderful man bought me for my birthday this year (after months of me whinging about my camera-less-ness).
The fine art of iPhone photography seems to be more my forte, especially when supplemented by the wonderful filters and digital alterations available through apps like Instagram, PicFX and InstaEffect - to name a few.

But Instagram is nothing but a personal polaroid album of your life and times, if you don't know who to follow.
Or worse, your feed is flooded by your 14-year-old sister's "selfies" and candid shots of what your workmates had for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.
Intriguing - I know.

So I'm going to share some of my favourite Instagrammers with you, so that you also can experience the addictiveness of the little square picture.


Brydie Mack a.k.a. Wolfcub is the acting/blogging/styling Sydney-sider whose Instagram is often captivating, sometimes provocative and always current.
One of the most well-curated collections of editorial, runway and real-life photos down under.
Definitely worth following (stalking even..)


The official Instagram account of one of Australia's most beloved designer boutiques: Green with Envy.
A well balanced mix of old school fashion houses and contemporary up-and-comers is how they've made their name. And a mixture of heavily saturated pictures and sneak peeks of all the most highly sought after fashion to hit our shores is how they've grown their following bigger than Jack's beanstalk.


Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage already has one of the most read blogs in the universe, so why wouldn't she have over 207,000 followers?
Be the 207,001st and see the places she goes, delicacies she eats and outfits she conjures up. You'll want to be jealous - but she's just too darn cute.


Does life get any better than this?
If so, nobody's told me about it.
A feed full of familiar celebrity faces and their less familiar feline friends. 
No life does not get any better than this.
However! this feed should come with a WARNING.
"Why?" you ask... because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, 
leading to pics like this,


A name has never been better suited to it's owner, not to mention her clothes.
Vibrant, quirky, wearable and carefree.
The feed is an explosion of fashion, poppy and other cool and exceedingly random shots.
Plus, she wears BoyLondon, which means we're destined to be soul mates.


Because she's so freakin' beautiful it's sickening, even when she pulls the kind of faces my grandma would call "unladylike".
She's a model, duh.
Her Instagram is chocker-block full of backstage model pics, Cara pulling lovely faces of many varieties and Cara looking generally amazing.


As if I could resist the plug.
The chronicles of EatFashionNotCake who as you should already know - loves all things bright and sparkly and doesn't really care if you don't like her outfit cause she loves it and it's her f#<king blog :)

s'il vous plaît, which are your favourite feeds?

xx Elle

P.S. I promise I will learn how to use my fancy camera... eventually.




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