Curiosity created the Cat,

Sometimes we go out on a limb...

and our gamble pays off, whilst our hopes and dreams flourish before our very eyes.

And other times we are crushed like a bug by an oncoming truck.

Let's hope in this case, it will be the first of the two, and curiosity doesn't kill this cat.

Today, sadly, I finished my time with Gorman. Unfortunately my new (and lesser) availabilities didn't suit their needs - and so I had to end my brief but fabulous spell with the eclectic label.
However all is not lost! Because, as you may well know, I've been trying my hand with styling - under the watchful eye of the adorable Emily Howlett. And yes I have had the arduous, "Yes Dad, playing with clothes all day long is an actual career choice" conversation. Followed closely by the stiff "No Dad, I do not get paid for the endless hours of work"
But however painful that conversation may have been, the knowledge that I'm taking a step in the right direction - and the sheer joy of getting to do something I absolutely love three days out of the week - more than make up for it!

So here's a couple of snaps of my adventures so far,
from here, there and everywhere...

Caris Tiivel from Women Direct - via Instagram @caris_tiivel

Caris Tiivel - via Instagram @caris_tiivel
Georgia Pansini from Chadwick Models - via Instagram @EatFashionNotCake

Georgia Pansini - via EatFashionNotCake
Georgie Millar - via EatFashionNotCake
Georgie Millar - via EatFashionNotCake

So far I've got to work with some amazing people and  maybe soon I'll show you some shots from the people who can actually take a decent photo (without Instagram to lean on...)

Plus I've got some other projects in the works at the moment too, did someone say "Melbourne Cup Day"?
And I'm officially on the prowl for a new job too - eek!

xx Elle




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