CFDA's & Celeb-versations

This is an average Celeb-versation,

"I saw you on Ellen, I liked your light up drum kit. I have one, as well!" 

said Katy Perry to Gwen Stefani, yesterday at the 2012 CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund Awards/Party/Fashion Show.

*sigh* If only my daily conversations sounded a little more like that...

the award finalists included names such as, jewellery designer, ex-Spiderman's old lady Jennifer Meyer [Macguire]  - British shoe designer Tabitha Simmons - NY "gap-filler" and Assembly creator Greg Armas - along with 7 others.

Jennifer Meyer, Tabitha Simmons & Greg Armas - all up for the $300,000 award

But really, who cares?

what we really want to know, is which guests looked smoking hot and of course, who they wore?

Victoria Beckham

My favourite superhero wore, (surprise! surprise!) Victoria Beckham with shoes by Manolo Blahnik for Victoria Beckham. 
Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, I guess.
(although... does anyone else think these boots are eerily similar to the Tom Ford peep toe boots VB wore for 3 years straight? Just saying.)
Good to see VB spicing up her life with a shade other than black - enter... white.
Whatever, I love her.

Jaime King

This arguably B-grade actress donned a decidedly A-List outfit for the festivities wearing a dress by Giambattista Valli [Resort 2013]. 
With it's bold contrasting hues and paisley / peplum love affair this look could have been oh-so-wrong. But with her blunt, blonde, grown out bob and "am I boho or am I punk?" statement clutch (Valentino) to boost her credibility factor sky high. 
She was definitely [as my manfriend would say] bangin' - I think that's meant to be a good thing.

Mandy Moore

"Oh, Hey! Mandy- wait! what! you're not 19 anymore? And you're not a pop-star anymore? Oh yay! That makes me like you so much better."
(me... thinking.)

That, and the fact you can dress like you were born in Balenciaga.
Well, at least dress in... 


Because no one anywhere seems to know!
The best I've seen yet is "looked lovely in a sweet blue and white ensemble." Others have called it a dress and everyone is just frothing over her "geometric look".
Whatever babe, even if you sat at home sewing it yourself - you look hot.

At least Anna's having fun.
Or is that pain she's expressing? It's so hard to tell when you can't see the eyes.

Oh well, 
on to more important business

what on earth am I going to go as to tonight's Halloween festivities?
Yes, I know it's only the 27th, but it's the weekend and everyone loves an excuse to get their themed lingerie on for a night out on the town.

xx Elle




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