Urban Walkabout - PFF Edition

Have you taken a stroll,

through your nearest concrete jungle of late?
Either way, Urban Walkabout is going to take your next shopping excursion to a whole other level.

For almost six years now the UW crew have been helping locals and tourists alike to get the very best out of their 

EAT/SHOP/PLAY Experiences,

providing the most divine little booklets, complete with detailed map, info and insider tips on the best places you can E*S*P in all the countries coolest (and sometimes undiscovered) shopping precincts and cultural centres.

Currently they encompass Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. With each city having at least 5 Urban Walkabout experiences to choose from, and the best bit,

they're freakin' FREE 

whether you're wanting to wine and dine in Windsor, view some art and design in Double Bay or shop up a storm in Subiaco, they've got what you need.

And if you know what I want and you know what my home city needs, it's some good ole 'Style Education'. 

And who doesn't love a festival?

Perth Fashion Festival

that is.

I'm going to warn you now, in this - the most isolated city in the world - PFF is the highlight of my calendar year (NYFW got nothin' on us).
And I'm going to plug it like there's no tomorrow, because quite frankly most of the people in our city need all the help they can get.

The PFF Urban Walkabout map, gorgeously illustrated by home-grown Pippa McManus,  will guide you to all the very best stores, events, pop-up shops and exhibitions.
They've been dropped around the city, like 'Fashion Aid' parachuting into a forgotten land.
Pick them up from any decent boutique 
(if you don't know of any, try stepping into Gorman - Claremont)

I want to hear all about the best places Urban Walkabout has led you,
and Happy Fashion Festival Season to all!

xx Elle




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