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In the oh so glamorous world,

of model fittings, and by glamorous I mean bottom-of-the-rung, vollie (AKA volunteer) work.
Every day is an exciting one! 
Especially when you get to sacrifice not just any Saturday, but the first hot and sunny Saturday of the season, to unpack shoes, repack shoes, write things down, cross them out, write them down again, herding bored models around from designer to designer, etc. etc.
Let's set the scene, we spent from 8AM until 5PM in an un-airconditioned, windowless former jailhouse filled with up to 40 people at any one time.

And I gave up my one day off

to do it all.

On the flip side, we got to play with divine Ae'lkemi creations, gorgeous Morrison pieces, über-chic Flannel designs and sassy threads from Zara Bryson, just to name a few.
Makes the sweat completely worth it,
2 more sleeps people.


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xx Elle




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