Streaming the Sixties - Marc Jacobs SPRING 2013

Ruby Jean Wilson,

was definitely channeling the style and spirit of the notorious Edie Sedgwick, and the rest of the sixties set, as she opened and closed the Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 runway show yesterday.
Some called it 'stripped back to the bones' (and others wondered whether their musings were about the clothes or maybe the models), but 

it was less bare and more bold

as the girls strutted their stuff on a suitably simple (for Jacobs, anyway) triangular runway at the New York State Armory last night. Setting perfection, creating maximum impact and zero distraction for each and every look on stage.

Any show featuring Ricky Martin as a front row guest is bound to have some WOW-factor,
and would it really even be a show worth watching if it didn't evoke feelings of one extreme or another?

I have never been one to mince my words when it comes to these things, however in my eyes, and in the most Australian of terms, 

Marc Jacobs is a dead set legend.

but not all of the cyber world, with it's many (always "well informed") opinions, agrees with me. 
One blogger seems to be under the impression Jacobs may be spending too much time at Foot Locker with all the, 'squares, stripes and midriffs' whilst another decided to have a long (and very original) rant about the 'stupid thin' models.

Whatever the trolls think, I am of opinion that all fashion is art, and all art has it's place in the world.
With Marc Jacobs right up the tippy top.

MJ kept it simple, with the entire collection centred around just four key hues,

Ruby red, crisp white, soft beige and inky black.

Clean lines and graphic prints transported us back in time, whilst an unexpected frill here and a cheeky sheer blouse there, kept it all cemented firmly at the forefront of fashion.

To me, the Marc Jacobs brand has always been like the slightly wacky, yet utterly adorable, little sister of Chanel.
Using the same classic lines and elegant shapes, then adding a little acid into the mix, just as Edie would've done, and coming out at the other end with fantastical new creations for our viewing pleasure.

I've been away for a while,
but boy it's good to be back.

xx Elle

*text within (brackets) is usually sarcasm. enjoy.




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