Perth Fashion [Frenzy] Festival 2012

If asked what I expected

of my backstage experience, a few weeks ago 
I don't think my answers would quite correlate with what I know now.

Hours of taping shoes, waiting around, dressing models, undressing models, dressing models again, late nights, early mornings, hectic shows...

and I adored every second.

Models Gaby, Evelyn, Hannah, Bec & Gwen bringing sexy back in black on closing night

To be honest I think I kind of fluked the whole thing from the very first night.
After bluffing our way backstage for One Fell Swoop Vip Opening Night 
(only the 5 vollies with 'dressing experience' - read: I get dressed in the morning - were brought along for the fun)

We were stuffed out of the way in the kitchen, like over-excited children being shooed from mother's fancy dinner party. 

In all fairness - backstage was the size of a shoebox.

 and most of the girls were more interested in who could create the best Instagram pic than anything else.

Then at the last minute as everyone was chivvying into place and the suspense (due to an unannounced FIFTEEN MINUTE speech) was about to drive everybody over the edge. I found myself being yanked from the relative calm of the kitchen and plonked in the very middle of a long line of [experienced] dressers and allocated with the models I would be changing during the show.

I've never before quite understood people who vomit or faint due to nervousness - now I can say I've felt your pain.
Surrounded by ridiculously blasé people all practically oozing nonchalant style.

I knew it would be bad to be sick all over the designer threads

which in turn made me want to throw-up/pass-out even more.

Jessica Maloney and another model pre-show at One Fell Swoop.  via. PerthNow
Models Adhiel Tulba and Jessi Maloney pose pre-show.  via. PFF

but thankfully I didn't, and seemingly before it had even begun, the show was over in an adrenaline fuelled blur.

From then on I had the bug.
There's no better feeling than when the last girl saunters backstage after a flawlessly executed show and everyone goes kind of ape-crazy for a minute whilst trying to convince themselves and everyone around them that they were never concerned in the first place and the whole thing was a piece of cake.

The next few days flew past in a Red Bull haze.

From full-time job during the day straight to PFF prep and shows at night (and then usually drinks or dinner post-show) I was functioning on approximately negative 2 hours sleep a day - figure that one out on your calculator.

Day 2 brought Morrison and Designer Capsule One.

Models Jessie & Gwen get tropical in Morrison
Grady Wulff in a classic cobalt Morrison staple
Now I'm definitely not going to be the first (or only) one to say things got pretty tense backstage there for a while with mix-ups and miscommunications abound.
But thankfully the vibe didn't translate to the runway where guests lapped up the looks from the quintessential west Aussie brand.

Everyone got their sugar-honey-iced-tea well and truly together for the second show and thanks to the tireless devotion of the PFF girls (namely Emily, Brooke and Chloe) everything went off without a hitch.

There was however some Animorph fun, 

of the likes you've never seen before - imagine an octopus with abs so ripped they could make a girl cry

Interspecies crossbreeding at it's most fashionable with Zsadar.  via. LeFanciulle
Lisa Marjanovich Beauty.  via. EatFashion   Jessi Maloney walks for Butcher & the Crow.  via. LeFanciulle
Gilding & Glitter for the Daniella Caputi collection.  via. EatFashion
It was nice to see the four designers each bring very different styles and aesthetics to the evening. However there was really only one standout for me.
As lovely as Shane is, and despite the fact he clearly reeks of talent, menswear in Western Australia is just so far behind the ball its hard not to see it as a bit of a joke -

especially when the models are donning facial-wear of the fishy variety.

Butcher & the Crow left a lot to be desired and the best part of Lisa Marjanovich's look was, sadly, the hair and makeup - which was beautifully put together by Loreal and the team from Lauren Wood throughout the week.

Daniella Caputi was (for me) the stand out. The girls rocked sleek, sparkling ponytails with awesome accessories and head adornments of the tribal variety - offsetting the gilded fabrics and aztec inspired cut-outs perfectly.

The dress below, worn by Gabrielle Sullivan, and featuring back AND front cut-outs as well as wooden fringed skirting, was an absolute snitch to put on but definitely stands out as my favourite look of the night.

Gaby Sullivan making Daniella Caputi proud.  via. LeFanciulle

Highlights of the WA Designer Collections were (oh gosh, where do I start?)

Wild Horses, of course, with their to-effing-die-for accessories. One of which I am now an owner after the gorgeous Ange Lang tipped me off on their amaze prices at Hatch in the city!

Wild Horses stampede the runway.  via. LeFanciulle
Anna Excell is clearly plotting to empty our bank accounts, presenting a collection of bright silks and fun accessories which just scream to be put in your wardrobe. 
It was just one of those cohesive collections where you could literally see yourself wearing every single piece in day to day life (well I could anyway!)

Anna Excell excites with bolds and brights.  via. LeFanciulle
Betty Tran sewed her way straight into my heart with her poppy primary coloured asymmetrical skirts and that racy lace top.
As did Monster Alphabets designer Sarah Watanbe with her ladylike minimalism and nervous quests for reassurance...
(Me)"Yes, I am sure it looks freaking amazing!"

but for me Ange Lang always takes the cake,
so elegant, so chic.

Lang brings old school glamour back to PFF.  via. LeFanciuelle

and those hats!

xx Elle




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