Perth Fashion [Fantasy] Festival 2012 - Part II

Day three rolls around,

and I'm still running on all cylinders - loving life - the imminent fatigue is yet to set in.

Fashionably Loud! feat. San Cisco
(which, Whoops! technically came before WA Designers - posted yesterday - but it's all such a blur)

As I struggled down the fierce wind tunnel that was St. Georges Terrace on Friday afternoon, I wondered if the show could possibly go ahead outdoors, in such hideous weather conditions.
Apparently it could.

Whilst San Cisco, with their pocket sized drummer Scarlett Stevens, did sound tests and generally made a racket.

8 dressers, 15 models, 1 MC and a whole lot'a designer goodies 

were crammed into a bedroom sized tent to get ready for go-time. Clothes got wet, shoes got dirty and models got cold, plus on poor volunteer had to straddle the runway in her socks with a bunch of Chux to try and dry it off and prevent the main attraction causing themselves any serious bodily harm.

I'm like a magpie - attracted to sparkly things

Zara Bryson models get Fashionably Loud.  via.TheWest

Zara Bryson, perth stylist and rad person (plus one of THE FIRST people to get her mitts on a brand spanking new Garth Cook trucker cap - gifted from him!), owns the store in Claremont that I literally

cannot walk past without making a purchase

it's dangerous, if you haven't been yet - get there.

xx Elle 




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