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It's Fashion Festival time ladies,

as Western Australia's BIGGEST
(not to mention - pretty much only)
premier annual fashion event,
Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) has the huge job of satiating the style sweet-tooth of our city. As well as showcasing our myriad of talents to the rest of the country and the rest of the world.
They may finally know we're not just a state of miners!

As an ardent and longtime advocate of ridding WA of the FIFO image (or at least polishing it up a little), I of course am super-dooper-freaking-excited about our fashion education!

So much so that this year, to complement my study in Styling and Creative Direction, I've put my hand up to work back of house as a dresser.
Not at all glamorous, or always exciting as some might think, 

it's kind of like war...

hours of waiting and preparation for approximately five minutes of pure, pants-wetting adrenalin.

Today I got my roster for the week,

Wed 19th - One Fell Swoop
Thurs 20th - Morrison
Fri 21st - Zara Bryson @ Fashionably Loud
Sat 22nd - National Showcase
Sun 23rd - Ae'lkemi
Mon 24th - Evening with Flannel

along with the usual full-time job and Thailand preparations.

So much to do, so excited to do it, and so keen to get some sneaky snaps for you...
Keep you updated

xx Elle




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