Au Revoir Australie

An eternity has passed,

since I last took time off and went on vacation.

However now that the hectic schedule of my last few months seems to have calmed ever so slightly, I think now's the time to take my chance.
Tomorrow night I embark on my journey to Phi Phi Island in Thailand in hopes of finding a young Leonardo DiCaprio there, trapped still in a time warp along the lines of his year 2000 movie - the Beach 

Well actually that's not 100% true, I'm off on a well deserved girl's trip purely centred around relaxation and inebriation.
Don't miss me too much, I'll be home before you know it.

& I shall leave you something to remember me by...

A curated selection of my favourite backstage pictures from PFF2012,

PLUS, we can also 

say farewell to shitty iPhone pictures

as my darling boy gifted me a gorgeous new Olympus cam this morning which I love so much I'm almost too scared to touch.
Celebrations all round!

true, a picture I've posted before, but she is divine - ready to walk for Lisa Marjonovich
the look for Kim Barton's saturated, summery collection 
socks & sandals - so Gorman - I would by every piece in this collection
I just can't get over this neck piece by Steph Audino - and how lovely she is!

Empire Rose & Behind the Monkey brought their game BIG TIME
Never thought I'd be so keen to own something so bedazzled - Garth Cook proved me wrong
Rosie & Jo have a pose-off backstage at Flannel - that dress WILL BE MINE
Flannel brought fringing, old-school glamour and 300K worth of pearls
perfection on closing night
Sewellery by the gorgeous Teagan Sewell - available from 140William 
These dresses, and more are on display at the Claremont Quarter as we speak
If the Statue of Liberty had a LBD
Hope these can keep you happy for the next couple of weeks,
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Here's a snap of my new baby also

Love at first flash,

xx Elle


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