Wish for the Week

So in a perfect world,

I would 

a) Be able to afford every cool, amaze and rad thing I wanted

b) Have a never-ending credit card that was paid off by somebody else


c) Own a magical tree which grows all the apparel and accessories I desire


it's not a perfect world.
Not yet anyway.

So, instead of making my wishes come true,
I'm just going to share them with you.

One wish per week my darlings

and for number one,
we're going to start it off with something special

2 in 1 Sartorialist Tote
[ burgundy ]

It's not just a handbag.

It's a handbag AND a clutch

all in one sexy, two-tone package.
Red is going to be HUGE this coming Spring/Summer (12/13)
A little bit nautical and a little bit racy,
Just the thought of the privilege of carrying that two-something kilos of 100% Italian leather down the street is the kind of thing that literally gives a girl goosebumps.

But at $2150.00 a pop,
I think I'll have to retire this one to the spank-bank
for now at least

If you want one, or if you'd like to purchase me one
you can go to this retail wonderland,

Until next time,
xx Elle




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