Take Me to the Candy Shop

Or the gelato store maybe?

flavours of fairy floss, lemon sherbet, and all things sorbet come to mind...

Camilla & Marc
resort 2013 collection

fresh colours and simple, classic cuts are what makes this one of my most favourite 2013 resort collections yet.
Maybe it's just the thought of donning any of these candied pieces whilst sunning myself on the beach in Thailand or strolling the streets back home in Oz, but this collection's got me melting.

The mix of hues looks like low-res ombre
and they've (thankfully) opted away from neon,
but keep things fresh with the most gorgeous buttery shade of yellow you've ever seen.

Now if we're being completely honest here,
and clearly I am.

This only represents about 50% of the collection,
and you wouldn't believe what the other half looks like.
Think Darth Vader meets a copper robot...

no kidding.

And that's the thing that almost ruined it for me, browsing through the looks I was momentarily confused, thinking I'd accidentally stumbled back into an old fall/winter look-book.
In my eyes the story doesn't flow cohesively, 
and if this was Olympic Gymnastics I'd be taking points off.

But it's not, so instead of being sour, I've just shared my favourites with you and left the rest,

available... not yet.

xx Elle



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