Everyone knows we're

a bunch of convicts here down under.
And so in that light let's steal some credit from the motherland.

therefore my thinking goes

we came from England, BOY London comes from England...

BOY London comes from Australia!

I don't know if you're following this, but don't sweat it, just soak up the awesome.

You know that girl whose clothes you always want to

tear off and keep for your own?

and that guy? the one who is so effortlessly hipster is hurts?
This is their brand, 

BOY London is one of the longest lived underground legends around. 

Shrouded in everlasting cool 

and surrounded by rumour after rumour, no label has ever been as notorious as this.
Brought into mainstream fashion by superstars like the Pet Shop Boys and Madonna in the 70s and 80s, the label has managed to keep it's cool for all these years.

These days being brought back to the masses by the cream of the fashion & music crop.

As in demand as it ever has been,

this is my new must have brand

and I urge you too, 
make the most of it before the teeny boppers and juvie monkeys get their dirty paws on it!

xx Elle

Note: All photos from boy-london.com


Noralia Ayu said...

nice post..

lets follow each other if you want


Jessica Barber said...

in love with the tops, they are all sold out :(

Elle said...

Sold out FOR NOW, not forever :)
If you decide to get something we should combine shipping
I'm 100% sure Jordy would be in love too

Jordy Gillespie said...

i LOVE!! Great idea



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