So I was going to save this

until it got closer to springtime, 
cause this is really a sunlight and butterflies kind of accessory.

Not really appropriate for rainstorms, puddles and carting round a carton of kleenex (which, yes, I have to do all winter long!)

But, I just couldn't resist!

I want you all to meet my MIU MIU,

Isn't she gorgeous!?

The softest dove grey leather handbag you'll ever lay eyes on (not hands, because I won't let anyone else touch her).
And now you probably realise also why I can't exactly tote this one round in the middle of winter... if it rains, everything gets soaked.
So this little baby will have to take prize position on the shelves until the sun comes out (and the only chance of moisture is the sweaty guy at the front of the bus).

Here's some more happy snaps for you

You might be wondering what the little grey pouch is for..?
(even if you're not... shhh and listen)
That cute little thing is attached to the main handbag by a leather strap and is for keeping cosmetics and other cute girly* things in.

I've also given you an idea of the "essentials" I carry with me everywhere in my handbag. And because this sweet little thing is anything but a packhorse, you definitely have to be brutal in the decision making process when it comes to filling her up.

Jealous? I would be,

xx Elle

* By "girly things", yes, I do mean feminine hygiene products ladies! No one wants a stray tampon making it's escape through one of those cut little cut-out diamonds now, do they.


Emma at Pleasure over Business said...

beautiful bag!!
Love Emma

Elle said...

Thanks hun :)
I love it too!



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