Pastel Pants & Candied Crops

If you didn't already know,

the coolest new Aussie denim label is about to blow your mind.
Word travels fast these days and I had my first introduction to this little gem through my good friend Holly, who simply wouldn't shut up about how fabulously awesome they were.

Gelato Denim 

A splash of colour or a pretty print (or three), whatever you prefer in your denim, Gelato offer it.
Shown above (from top to bottom): the Polka Dot Skinny Crop, the Scarlet Tie Dye and the Ultra Violet High Rise Crop.

Unfortunately for me, I've been stalking their website and Facebook pages for months now waiting (impatiently) for the season to launch.
Luckily for you the launch is set for August, practically round the corner now!

And even better for everyone, to celebrate the launch of their Spring 2012 collection. 

Gelato Denim are doing a massive giveaway,

Dubbed, "60 jeans in 60 days" it is just that.
All you have to do is sign up on the webpage 

or like and share on 

for your chance to win an amazing pair of yet to be released Spring 2012 jeans by Gelato Denim

Every day for the next 60 days!

(well actually more like 55 on the day of publishing this)
This is just the intro, hopefully we'll have more to show you on this epic new brand as launch date draws closer.

xx Elle




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