HOT Couture - Part II

It just gets crazier and crazier,

which is one of the reason the Haute Couture Shows are always amongst my favourites of the year.
I'm actually beginning to think that maybe some of the designers run a secret competition every year to see who can make the richest people buy and wear the wackiest outfits...
Don't know what I'm talking about?
Read on,

Franck Sorbier

This guy is an absolute genius!
Actually genius may not be the exact adjective...
Why pour your 

blood, sweat and tears

into a collection when you can simply create one adequate dress and then project any fanciful images of your desire onto it from afar??
Taken from a French Fairytale about an incestuous King wanting to marry his spoilt daughter who keeps on demanding he create her impossible to make dresses.
Well this year Sorbier has made the impossible, possible.
Just don't plan to move around to much in these ones.

On Aura Tout Vu

what is there to say?
I'm definitely wearing the top outfit out on the town this weekend.
This collection was more unitard than evening gown, and I liked it, maybe a co-lab with Nicki Minaj is being called for?

Elie Saab

Taking a step away from the wild side for a minute, we have Elie Saab.
A lot of people say you always know what to expect from Elie, it's always a lot of the same...
And to that I say,

a lot of the same complete brilliance and beauty,

so who cares?
just appreciate the painstaking embroidery and beading in those gowns and the banging bod of Karlie Kloss.

Yiqing Yin

As the baby of couture, this was only Yin's second ever couture collection.
Delicate and fragile the French-Chinese designer melded flora and origami into one beautiful and cohesive story

Also worth an honourable mention would have to be

Maison Martin Margiela

who obviously decided all his models were too ugly to show there faces and thus covered them with bejewelled balaclavas,
Love it

xx Elle


Emma said...

I'm loving your blog Elle! I'm in love with the top Elie Saab dress - amazing xx

Elle said...

Thanks babe,
Yes well you WOULD look just as gorgeous in it as Karlie does!
Love the Sparkly Life, Em so inspiring :)



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