Flannel Nation

On this rainy afternoon,

what better thing could there be to do,
but mixing some of your new best buys with some old tried and true favourites.

Cute little rain spots all over my high-tech camera lens :)

I love, love, LOVE my Flannel

As if you didn't already know,

Flannel green chiffon shorts
Flannel navy silk camisole
Haute on High cape-shirt
Mimco neckpiece

and I have now mastered the Fishtail braid after much intense training and many tangles in my poor sister's hair.

Flannel is my favourite ever, of all time, label. And there will be much more of it too come in the future, 
but this my friends is your first taste of my Flannel-mania

xx Elle


AhkaVintage said...

nice and warm too

Tessa: said...

Great outfit, love the cape and the layered skirt!

Northern Style Exposure said...

That necklace is amazing

Elle said...

Oh, thanks! haha, the necklace one of my favourites.. so heavy to wear though! My poor sister almost put her neck out in it.
You know Tessa, they're actually shorts, but I thought it looked like a skirt too in the photos, such a feminine short.



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