DIY - Caviar Creations

I don't usually do, do it yourself,

but I did promise you,
so now I'll show you!

What you needed,

nail clippers, for grooming of course
(plus a file or buff or whatever if your fussy)

nail polish,
I used OPI, teal the cows come home, 
use any colour you like, however I'd make sure to choose a thickish lacquer (metallic hues generally give you this)


Craft Glass Micro Beads (no hole)
choose a colour that is the closest possible to an exact match to your polish colour
I purchased a 10g jar off Ebay, here,  for $3.50


do all your usual grooming to prep your nails for polishing.
You can choose to "caviar" all nails if you wish, however to start off I just did one and then matched the rest with the just the teal lacquer.

then start by

doing a first coat and letting this partially dry 
(if putting caviar on all of your nails, work through them one at a time - this will be slower but you'll end up with a better end product)

once your first coat is dry

do a thick second coat on the finger you've chosen to "caviar" first, then immediately place this finger (nail down) gently into the jar of micro beads. Let it sit for about ten seconds before removing.

if the layer of beads seems too thick

remove excess by gently but firmly tapping your nail on a hard surface (e.g. bench or countertop) then carefully press them on to secure.


the finished product,

now we all know I'm not the best photographer so my fingers look a lil' fat...

but you get the general idea :)

Post me a pic or link if you decide to try this one!

xx Elle




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