Caviar Cuticles

I saw this a while ago,

but forgot all about it until today.
This little gem is definitely worth sharing with you :)

It's the Ciaté

Caviar Manicure

Claiming to be the first three dimensional nail kit of its kind this is very possibly the freshest thing since Will moved to Bel-Air.

Available in three decadent designs,

Each kit contains a bottle of base polish and a bottle of tiny pearls. You can choose from, Black, Rainbow and Pearl.

Completing one finger at a time you paint the nail and then gently pour the pearl beads over the wet polish carefully pressing them onto the nail.

Though these are cool, 

they're also pretty pricey, at £18.00/$28.00 (plus postage) for something you'll probably chip off (or get bored of) in less than a week.
They also go for well above $45.00 on eBay if your rolling in dosh, 

otherwise too bad, so sad.


They've thought they had us all wrapped around their little finely manicured finger...
However, there's actually nothing super special about this product.

All they've done is dump some craft beads and a bottle of polish in some cute packaging.

So, I'mma gonna get my DIY on and do it myself.

WARNING: this shit could get messy.

For just $8.00 (inc postage) I ordered Teal Glass Micro-beads to be shipped to my door.

Which will go perfectly with my OPI Teal the Cows Come Home nail polish.
And really, why would I want the same colours everyone else already has?

So whether you wanna splash your cash or do it DIY,
the Caviar Manicure is the new kid in nail art.

xx Elle

P.S. - Promise I'll post pics once the goodies arrive




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