What I Got...

I just bought,

this really cute and quirky handmade necklace,

Created with hand-painted, wooden beads.
I found the store

on my Facebook sidebar!

I know, crazy right. 
Elle does not buy unseen, unknown brands online 
(due to emotional scarring from Etsy disasters in her teen days), but put it down to my tired delirium this piece is just too cool to pass up.

Wear it with and LBD and kick-arse clutch or during the day with a clean-cut white tee and jeans.
They come in a variety of colour palettes,

or create your own - she will make them to order
It's cheap AND chic at just $18.00 too!

So fingers crossed and I'll keep you updated

xx Elle


Nikki said...

<3 the necklace, its fab!
Sydney Fashionista



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