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Just a quick one,

focusing on something I (and probably a lot of other people by now) think is pretty cool.

Chartreuse, it's a fancy name for the colour in between green and yellow

(formerly known as high-vis)
... named for the French liqueur of the same colour.

Whether it's just a colour-pop to brighten up your winter wear or (if you're in the northern hemisphere) a whole bucket of colour to freshen you summer look.
Chartreuse is to now, what orange was to spring 2011. 

Modern Beauty - Miroslava Beauty in Jason Wu

However this colour should come with a 


or two...

1. Don't overdo it - you'll look like a candy raver

2. This fad will come and go about as quicks as the sun rises and sets, something to keep in mind when shopping.

My favourite piece?

Oscar de la Renta feathered silk top

It's totally outrageous (and about a trillion dollars - even on SALE),
but who cares? That's what I'm all about!

Buy it for me (or you) - HERE

xx Elle




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