Style Snob

When do you know..?

If you've become a fashion "snob"?

This is the latest and greatest dilemma in my life.

Waltzing through the Quarter this afternoon (not literally... it's just more interesting than saying walking, and creates a nice mental image), I passed by the new window display for a very well known high street store.

I'm not going to say exactly what store,

I'll give you a clue though...

Starts with "C" and ends with "ountry Road"

And featured heavily in said window display were scarf prints, in tanks tops, etc.

Now, I'll let you in on a little secret.
I've been searching for the PERFECT scarf print top for a while now. Preferably a button-up blouse (but wouldn't say no to an oversized tee) and 

an interesting pattern with gorgeous colour contrasts is also a must.

Something embodying this...


pic via Funmi Ogunja

and/or this,

pic via Karla's Closet

whatever, you get my drift.

"So, what is my problem then?" you ask,
Well, seeing a window just full of (less than perfect) scarf print blouses, in this particular store, 

has completely turned me off the idea of getting one.

My friends can all tell you about my love of exclusive, designer trinkets and toys,
but have I become a "Fashion Snob"?

So what if it's in a generic high street store?
and so what if a million other people will have it?
(and so what if it's kind of ugly?)

The thing bugging me is, do I not like it anymore because the style/colours/etc. weren't to my exact taste?
Or, because I've developed an aversion to anything "high street"

I don't have my answer yet,
I'll tell you when I find it.

xx Elle

P.S. - luckily I have this gorgeous silk printed Camilla Franks kaftan to keep me happy for the time being!




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