Stella(r) Soiree

the Annual Garden Party

I've always thought that Brits seem to have this unfailing talent for turning normal, everyday things into much anticipated traditions...
Cheese Rolling, Maypole Dancing and Guy Fawkes Night (a celebration where they burn a big man-doll and set off fireworks.?), all seem like strange and unnecessary things to turn into traditions. However, holding a yearly Garden Party where guests 

frolic in the flora, cavort amongst the carnival games

and drink the afternoon away amongst some of the most gorgeously, garden party appropriate fashions around, seems like the perfect kind of tradition to me!

The brainchild of Stella McCartney, 

this Resort 2013 Launch looks fit for a fairytale...

Stella McCartney

Amongst A-List stars such as Anne Hathaway and Jim Carrey (who seemed to recently have swapped hairstyles) frolicked bubble blowing models, skipping around displays of

shoes and bags scattered amongst the garden's gravestones. 

Drinks served from lemonade stands and a burly Brass Band set the tone, with Stella's vegetarian menu (corn cobs and black bean burgers) going down almost as well as her animal-friendly leopard print pieces (no fur or leather for Stella). 

Spot the odd one out. Outshining both Stella and the girls with that flowing white maxi and those long, blonde locks of his... hers?

But these two below would have to be my favourite picks from this Spring 2013 collection.

Unfortunately we'll have to be patient waiting for any of this goodness to hit the stores.
But never fear! Heaps of current collection pieces reduced now at,

xx Elle




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