Shoes to Praise!

It was a freakin OMG! moment,

when i found this website.
If you've ever dreamed of bespoke service (having a garment personalised/tailored to your exact specifications) but aren't a member of the few select elite that can afford it... I assume that is the majority of us; this is for you.
Enter stage,

Shoes of Prey

"You choose the heel, toe, fabric and embellishment. Our craftsmen hand make your shoes, swaddle them in a soft dust bag and ship them to your waiting feet..."
reads the link on the sites homepage. 

And the best thing is it's all pretty basic and easy to use!
Start by choosing an illustration similar to the style you want, choose from a 

HUGE array of fabrics and colour-ways 

(including leather, hair, suede, vegan, snakeskin... you name it, they probably have it), there's actually over 4 trillion combinations to choose from, what more could a girl want?
Customise the style by changing up features in the toe, heel, height and stitching.
Then you can add all sorts of embellishments and pretty things to decorate your creation!
It's kind of like arts and craft, but not for preschoolers.
And finally, no more killing yourself for fashion - these guys will adjust widths and

can even send you two different sizes,

if your one of those weird people whose feet don't quite match up.

This is one of the many styles I've had fun designing (its almost as fun trying to create the ugliest shoe possible as it is designing your dream shoe!)
With Genuine Fish Skin (eww) and patent blue leather, featuring a 4.5 inch heel and thick heel (safety for drunken nights) my shoe would cost only $300 AUD - that shit's cray.
You can share your styles with friends or if your not feeling creative just buy a pair straight out of the gallery, they even show you how your shoes are made.

This site is 

the most genius thing I've come across in a long, long time 

(okay, thehunt was pretty cool too) 
So I just had to tell you about it.
Ranging from $150 to $400 there's a price range for everybody... and if you're anything like me then having something no one else has got is well worth ANY price!
Go there and get your order on..

xx Elle




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