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It may seem odd to some

but right now is actually probably one of the best times you can choose to buy a coat (if you live in the southern hemisphere, that is).

And if you think that living in a climate like ours is a good enough excuse not to have a proper coat, then your wrong.
Aside from keeping you toasty and warm, 

your coat can (and should) be the chicest thing in your wardrobe.

It is essential to have at least one high quality, well fitting coat in your wardrobe. It will get you through everything from an excursion to the Footy, to attendance of winter weddings, to your daily commute to the office and everything in-between.
Last year I put off my Winter coat for literally months, just because of the sheer cost of the exercise. 
However in the end (for probably the first time ever) I actually benefited from my procrastination.
By June I finally got it through my head that if I didn't get my ass into gear I was possibly going to freeze to death on the way to work 

(this was also after approximately the third day in a row I had arrived at work with my clothes soaked through from head-to-toe).

Now I'm not going to fluff around and make you believe you can get the coat of your dreams from Valleygirl for fifteen dollars.
But these days with the fashion calendar is running so far ahead of the actual "mother nature" calendar, there's really no need to run to the shops on the first day of Winter Season Launch and put your credit card through some serious trauma.

Here are my tips:

1. Go out and try on a WHOLE HEAP of different cuts, colours, fabrics and brands of coats. Do this at the very beginning of the season when the floors are practically heaving with them.

2. Once you've figured out what does suit you and what you like, go online. Try sites like shopbop, net-a-porter or Superette Store, which all carry a whole heap of different brands and all have "bookmarking" features which will warn you when a piece you like is running out of stock. OR if you've find the coat you like in-store then just keep an eye on it

Insider Tip: Make friends with the girls who serve you in the stores. These are the people who can come in ever so handy when you need something ordered in or want a tip off on Sale dates!

3. Wait.

4. When it gets to the start of June (or even end of May... Sale season is starting earlier and earlier every year), this is your time to go shopping. Everyone is ready for stocktake and wanting to move AS MUCH STOCK AS POSSIBLE so markdowns are likely to get radical.

5. Don't go for the coat just because it's 70% OFF plus an extra 10% for being a member and they throw in a free lipgloss. It's still better to spend that little bit extra and get the RIGHT coat that is maybe only 30 or 40 percent off.

6. Don't hold off too long, or everything good will be gone. Try signing up to newsletters and loyalty programs that will tell you when the Sales start so you can be in there like swimwear and beat the rush.

7. For once don't shop the trend!  Unless you've got endless cash to splash around (and if you do, then why are you reading this?), you don't want to buy the most on trend coat of the season. If you do, you will just find yourself having the same dilemma season after season. Go for classics, stick to darker colours and toned down textures.

8. Remember quality is key, I can not say it enough. Don't buy the polyester blend that will turn you into a flaming wreck the moment you stand too close to the heater. 

Now is still the time to get your coat on! They're getting a little thinner on the ground but there are still plenty of great styles and steals up for grabs...

3.1 Phillip Lim Transformable Hooded Parka,
$650, now $520

Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons Leather Cape,
$1966, now $983

Stella McCartney Wool Cape, $1201, now $841

Charlott Wool Coat, $774, now $541

xx Elle


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