In The Beginning There Was Fashion

I'm not going to claim I was always good at fashion...

but one thing I can definitely say is that for as long as I can remember I've known what I like.

Yes, I went through that awkward teenage phase where what I liked just had to be whatever my parents hated.
And yes I may have worn some offensive outfits, and I'm not trying to claim that I didn't commit heinous environmental crimes with my aerosol tan addiction.
But everyone makes mistakes.

However more recently I've discovered that I'm not the only person who likes the things I like, or more specifically, likes what I wear and what I tell others to wear (working in retail I tend to do this a lot).

despite my overly honest opinions and tendency to pull faces at things I don't like 

I seem to have unconsciously collected a [small] group of loyal followers who actually listen to what I say and think I'm pretty good at what I do.


I'm starting a new chapter in my life and a new adventure on this blog...
or is it the other way round?

This week I have a new job [high end, eclectic, fashion retail], a new blog [what you're reading right now], and I am officially two tenths of the way through my diploma of styling [which so far has taught me nothing I didn't already know].

Hope you'll join me :)

xx Elle




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