Another STELLA Bag

After the telling off I received on Friday

night, you'd think maybe I'd refrain from posting any new purchases for the time being...
But I just simply cannot resist!

Had to share with y'all my newest partner in crime for nights out on the town.
No it's not a friend... it's more reliable.
No, it's not a shoe... It's something I hold closer to my heart.
Well, it doesn't escape my CLUTCHes at any rate.
Ignore the bad puns and meet my new baby,

(and yes my photos are shit, which is why this is a fashion blog, not a photography website)

Being a straight up "animal-lover" my Stella McCartney falabella clutch is 

100% Vegetarian friendly,

 although it feels like the softest goddamn leather I ever felt.
And it's HEAVY, to the point of a night out now also counts as great strength training for my biceps, triceps and any other ceps that happen to be lurking around.

So, I listen not to those naysayers and forge onward credit card at the ready *winky face*

xx Elle 




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