Against the GRAINE

If you don't know about my handbag fetish,

then you've probably stumbled across this blog by accident...
as it's not something I make any effort to keep secret.
Another thing I happen to love is homegrown talent.
Put the two together and you've got

A unique Melbourne based brand specialising in luxury leather goods.
You know that tight "ithinkimgoingtoripherfaceoff" feeling that pulls in your chest when you see someone else with the same handbag that you painstakingly staked-out for months and tote around proudly and lovingly like showing off your new born baby?
(see: Wanna See My WANG for details)
Well with Graine, you may never have to endure that feeling again.

Festival Hall of Dreams Bag, $249.95
"There is only a small scattering of our products made for each range."
But it's not all just about the uniqueness of the product.
Graine has a clean, minimalist aesthetic and a functional "utilitarian chic" vibe.

Finally something functional AND fashionable,

right on our doorstep.

My pick of the pack?
It's a hard call (I'd like them all...)
But it'd have to be the Central Business Case

Central Business Case, $149.95

They call it, "the must have business case for any important person", but I dub thee

'Awesome Oversized Clutch w/ Pocket for Drunk Girl to put Phone In', 

I think it rolls off the tongue better.
The black as night clutch is handcrafted with organic unlined leather tanned by a genuine old Italian Nonna* all the way in Tuscany.

Another must have is 

Rags to Richmond Clutch, $149.95
the half-moon "Rags to Richmond" in black beauty.
The coolest thing to clutch in line and the comfiest clutch to cuddle passed out on the bathroom floor.


the craziest thing is the prices

averaging at $150 apiece and hardly an inch over $250 for bigger bags its such a steal you almost feel bad!
So my advice, make the most of it before they realise what an epic brand they've got on there hand and jack prices up Louis Vuitton style.

xx Elle




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